Young Doctor Survives and Conquers Bike Accident Injuries

In October 2010, Dr. Tim Delgado, an emergency department resident of Cincinnati’s University Hospital, was to assist with a “Jane Doe cyclist in her 20’s” who had just arrived to the hospital via Air Care. Shortly after working with the patient, Dr. Delgado came to a startling realization – the patient was his wife.

Alison Delgado, a pediatric resident, suffered serious physical and neurological injuries as a result of the bicycle accident. Thanks to her helmet, her skull was intact despite numerous fractures to her neck and body.  Unfortunately, however, the impact caused a blood vessel to tear inside of her brain resulting in a subarachnoid hemorrhage and a dangerous bulge vessel wall called an aneurism. Plus, the discovery of a second aneurism on the side of her brain suggested that Alison had a genetic abnormality that increased her chances of developing brain aneurisms.

Despite several procedures to treat the aneurysm, four days after Alison’s return home from rehabilitation, it ruptured a second time.

After successful neutralization of the aneurysm, Alison refocused her attention on rehab and recovery. Memory was a difficult issue to tackle as she had trouble remembering even the name of her husband. So, her husband played games with her and showed photos of objects, friends, and family for her to find words to describe them. Reading and speech also progressed slowly with therapy. Other rehabilitation strategies included work on an elliptical, weight lifting, and balance exercises.

In February of 2011, only four months after her injury, Alison was able to present cases during her bedside rounds at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In April, she began working part-time, and by May, was back to full-time. She is expected to finish her residency by December 2012, at which time she hopes to pursue primary care or a sports medicine fellowship.

After surviving and recovering from the near-death accident, Alison, a former winner of Cincinnati’s Flying Pig and a woman who had reached the summit of two 14,000-foot Colorado peaks, is back at achieving her athletic feats by training to run the 2012 Flying Pig. With love, determination, and persistence, Alison conquered her injuries and is living the life she had always dreamed.

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